Species: ?
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Himself
Weapon of Choice: Sword

Lucius, also known as The Dark Knight, was formerly the General of the Silent Warriors and second only to The King and The Prince. He Rebelled against , turning one third of all Silent Warriors into Shadow Warriors and starting the first war. The Dark Knight and his forces were defeated by The King, and thus were banished from the Kingdom Across the Sea. Lucius led the Shadow Warriors to the Land of Arrethrae, where he would wage never-ending war against The King's followers in that land.


Originating from The Kingdom Across the Sea, Lucius was a Silent Warrior, The King's loyal army of angelic warriors. In fact, Lucius was head of the Silent Warriors, throughout all the Kingdom answering only to The King and His Son. He was a master swordsman, and was the instructor of all the King's Soldiers. But he was also proud and arrogant, and in time he would resolve to challenge The King's supremacy. He quietly converted his most loyal followers into the fearsome Shadow Warriors and prepared to march on the King's palace.

The First War Edit